TelAffects has managed 1000’s of lead generation campaigns across a host of industries and verticals

Traditional BANT

TelAffects has executed campaigns leveraging the traditional bant approach (Budget, Authority, Need and timing) for over 30 years.

BANT plus

Many of our clients want Additional Accounts, contact and organizational Business Intelligence. We work with our clients to develop the appropriate lead criteria that their sales team would consider a sales adoptable lead.

Marketing Automation Leads

TelAffects supports our clients by being the middleware between their marketing automation efforts and the sales team. We further qualify and educate the marketing automation developed leads and transmit the validated leads to sales for immediate action.


TelAffects often supports our clients sales team through a structured team approach.

Many of our clients seek to maximize the time their sales team focuses on opportunities further along in the buying process. TelAffects often supports our client’s sales team through a structured team approach. Our sales consultants are deeply trained in our clients products and solutions. They build and maintain a personal pipeline of prospects. Through education and nurturing, the TelAffects sales consultant will manage the prospects until they illustrate and exhibit the appropriate buying triggers. The TelAffects sales consultants then facilitate an appointment/meeting with the prospect and the appropriate sales team member.

Our specialized teams have been supporting our clients field sales teams and subject matter experts for years. TelAffects understands how to deliver a consistent volume of qualified opportunities. The programs often have the following characteristics:

  • Products or solutions offered in a complex selling environment
  • Requires multiple decision makers to be engaged
  • ROI based decision making process
  • Prospect business intelligence is critical
  • Subject matter expertise is required for conversion

Inside sales support. Many of our clients are also looking to have their inside sales specialist focused on converting qualified prospects. TelAffects takes the front end of the buying process focused on qualification and education. Similar to our field sales model, we develop a consistent volume of qualified opportunities for our client’s inside sales team.




TelAffects has significant experience in supporting technology, software, SaaS, and cloud-based solutions.

Our sales consultants provide the qualification, education, and nurturing of prospects until it is appropriate for the prospect and their team to participate in an online/digital demonstration. The TelAffects sales consultant will administer all invitations and calendaring required; distribution of any necessary collateral; manage meeting reminders; and open and introduce all parties involved in the demonstration.

TelAffects sales consultants are trained and experienced in having a meaningful business discussion with line-of-business decision makers as well as Technology functional decision makers.


Extending the TelAffects proven Lead Development Methodology through the entire sales process and executing full Telesales campaigns was a natural business evolution.

TelAffects and our clients recognize that products and solutions that may be commoditized in the market place; have a low individual price point or revenue stream; or are offered on a subscription basis; benefit greatly from our methodology that combines science and skill.

TelAffects understands how to hire, train, compensate and motivate a highly productive and performance oriented inside telesales team. Our management team understands how to balance the focus on sales/wins while maintaining a first class customer experience.




Efficiency, skill, and a first class customer experience.

Our clients utilize the TelAffects methodology to engage existing customers for Retention, Cross Sell, Upsell, and Renewal purposes.

The very nature of our consultative dialogs allows the TelAffects sales consultants to gain valuable actionable client insight. Our process allows us to gather tactical, usage, attitudinal, and organizational strategic initiatives.

In addition to the mission critical business intelligence gathered, TelAffects provides unique perspective and feedback directly from the Voice of Your Customers.


Many companies seek to build an internal sales structure or are looking to gain performance improvements within their existing inside teams. TelAffects extends it’s entire management staff to help organizations meet their goals and objectives. TelAffects can support short term projects or long term outsourced management engagements.

  • Pre-launch Planning
  • Under performance Analysis and Recommendations
  • Best Practice Knowledge Transfer
  • Build, Operation, and Transfer

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