Our Account team will work with you to identify the appropriate targeted prospects based on your campaign objectives. The prospect source can be a single list or multiple list sources. The TelAffects team can aggregate, de-duplicate, and normalize your lists into a manageable data set.


Prior knowledge and/or understanding of your prospects current environment allows TelAffects to run Theme, Product or Offer based campaigns in order to drive greater performance. Our Account team helps to coordinate the target prospects, messaging strategy, and collateral to be distributed and the business intelligence to be gathered.



TelAffects supports multiple mediums for all of its products and solutions. Direct outbound is a primary component of our engagement with prospects. We support inbound engagments generated by the TelAffects outreach as well as any other type of demand creation utilized by our clients. Our sales consultants routinely support our clients marketing automation efforts combined with the TelAffects sales consultant’s 1:1 knowledge based collateral distribution.


Our Account team will often segment our clients’ targeted list or market universe into Blocks of Work. Each Block of Work is a representative sample of the entire list or universe and is designed to be worked for a specific period of time. When a Block is completed, it is rested and a new Block of Work is started. Leveraging the data in this manner provides several advantages:

  • Equal effort across your targeted list or universe
  • Benchmark development to compare productivity and performance
  • A,B,C structured testing environment
  • Ability to identify early adopter segments
  • Ability to identify poor responding market segments




All movement within a pass is captured and analyzed for the next pass structure and engagement. TelAffects utilizes a disciplined approach to engaging accounts and contacts. Our Account team develops the rules and engagement structure which includes:

  • The initial prioritization and scoring of each prospect
  • Number of attempts against each prospect
  • Requirements for an account to be validated
  • Requirements for a contact to be validated
  • Requirements for a prospect to enter a TelAffects sales consultants pipeline
  • Criteria to be a valid no interest


Every account, contact, call, email, response, activity, stage and status is recorded within our system. TelAffects maintains visibility throughout the campaign. This 1:1 visibility allows our account team to understand exactly where each individual prospect is within the engagement strategy.
This true visibility allows our operations team to evaluate the progression and make the appropriate program adjustments based on knowledge.




Our Account team can leverage the knowledge gained from our structured calling process to create customized campaigns based on direct feedback from the targeted prospects.

Our system can analyze, develop and quickly implement campaigns such as:

  • Recycle campaigns
  • Competitor based campaigns
  • Timing/Budget considerations
  • Offer/Product campaigns
  • Organization growth campaigns

Our system leverages information from multiple sources within our structured engagement process.

Account Variables

  • Territory
  • Sic Code/Industry
  • Revenue/Employee Size
  • Validation


Contact Variables

  • Title
  • Role
  • Status
  • Opt-in Email
  • Validation

Task/Activity Variables

  • Stage
  • Status
  • Connect Results
  • Collateral Distribution


Profile Variables

  • Decision Making Process
  • Current Environment
  • Future Initiatives
  • Attitudes
  • Brand Recognition



Our Account team works with our clients to develop a Profile for each unique campaign. The profile contains all of the information that our clients’ sales and marketing teams would like to know about their prospects. The information captured in the profile can be scored and prioritized. Certain elements may be identified as a requirement for the prospect to pass through the quality process.




Our methodology is a combination of applied systematic effort driving productivity and a true consultative selling approach driving performance. Each account is engaged and passes through a six (6) stage sales process.

  • Each stage has its own independent roles of engagement
  • Each stage has its own set of data gathering requirements
  • Each stage has its own set of sales tools, supporting collateral and content
  • Each stage has its own status codes
  • Each stage has its own quality procedure


The following is a description and goal of each individual stage:

Account Validation – Our sales consultants will personally verify core demographic information contained in the initial data integration. They will also gather and confirm all information that is required to determine whether or not an account meets the thresholds established by our client for their particular products and services.

Contact Verification – Our sales consultants will personally identify and collect all pertinent contact information. This information may include name, title, location, division, phone number, email address and decision making responsibilities.

Opening – Our sales consultants seek to make a connection immediately.

Needs Dialog – Our sales consultants will explore customer needs thoroughly and capture meaningful business intelligence.

Solution Dialog – Our sales consultants will leverage your solutions persuasively.

Close – Our sales consultants will act when the time is right and ask for the appointment.


Getting through to an actual decision maker is a difficult and significant hurdle in prospecting and sales. We believe every outreach is an investment and should have a plan and a goal.
We realize that voicemails are inevitable. We are proficient in leaving intelligent, professional voicemails and our sales consultants have been trained to make theme short, direct, and value driven. Each voicemail is followed up with a collateral piece reinforcing the value proposition.
Several different voice mail and collateral support packages are utilzed over time. In essence, we deliver a voice and digital “Elevator Speech” to every prospect that we don’t engage with personally.




Once a prospect enters deep into our sales process, all engagement and dialog is personalized to that specific decision maker.
Our sales consultants listen carefully for pain point triggers, information requests, and opportunities to provide education. The sales consultant then accesses a content library provided by our clients. We then follow up with the decision maker providing relevant collateral illustrating to them that we were listening and that their needs are important to us. The Knowledge Based Collateral Distribution becomes an important tool in our nurturing skills.


Engaging multiple decision makers within a single opportunity is very often vital to moving the buying process forward. Understanding the role, purpose, and attitude of each individual decision maker is critical to gaining their approval to move forward in the buying process.
Our sales consultants are trained on functional personas as well as how these functional personas may relate to our clients products and solutions.

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